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Feb 24, 2023

"Upstate New York's Best Kept Secret: Its Incredible Lakes"

Are you feeling the monotony of staring at the same four walls every day? It's time to break free and explore Upstate New York's best kept secret - its incredible lakes! From the stunning Lake George to the unique Y-shaped Keuka Lake, there's something for every nature lover and adventure seeker out there. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and let's dive into these hidden gems.

Feb 20, 2023

Sparkling Water vs. Seltzer: What's the Difference?

Sparkling water and Seltzer are technically different.  Get in here and find out why...  

Feb 15, 2023

Tik Tok for Middle-Aged Men

Tik Tok is all the rage right now, but many middle-aged men may feel like it's not for them. However, that couldn't be further from the truth! From showing off your dance moves to sharing your best dad jokes, Tik Tok is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to have a little fun and express themselves creatively. So, whether you're into woodworking or lip syncing your favorite songs, it's time to grab your smartphone and get started. And who knows, you might just become the next viral sensation!

Feb 14, 2023

Growing a beard: The Ultimate Guide for Men Who Want to Join the Hairy Club

Are you ready to rock a badass beard? Whether you're a beard growing newbie or a seasoned pro, this guide has got you covered. Patience is key when it comes to growing a beard, so relax and let your facial hair do its thing. But don't forget about maintenance. Investing in the right products, like beard oil and a trimmer, will keep your beard looking and feeling healthy. And if you need a little extra guidance, find yourself a beard mentor or join a beard community. So crack open a beer, sit back, and get ready to become a beard master.

Feb 13, 2023


Are you feeling the aftermath of the Super Bowl celebration? A headache and a mouth like sandpaper are common symptoms of a hangover. Don't worry, our expert tips will have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

Feb 10, 2023

Sparkling Water: A Healthy Beverage with a Fizzy Punch

Sip away your thirst with sparkling water – the effervescent elixir that not only breaks the monotony of plain water but also offers numerous health benefits. Hydrate your body with its hydrating properties, savor its crisp and refreshing taste without the guilt of extra calories as it can be naturally sugar-free, aid in digestion and alleviate bloating, serve as a healthy alternative to alcohol, and even benefit your dental health as it won't erode your tooth enamel. It's time to say cheers to sparkling water, the popular fizzy fix for a healthier lifestyle.

Feb 9, 2023

Prostate Health: A Man's Guide to Staying on Track

Taking care of your prostate is just as important as taking care of any of your other prized possessions. Don't let BPH or prostate cancer sneak up on you. Stay ahead of the game by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, taking the right supplements, avoiding harmful substances, and getting checked regularly. By following these tips, you can keep your prostate healthy and functioning smoothly for years to come. 

Feb 8, 2023

The Sober Curious Movement: Ditching Alcohol and Embracing Sobriety with Style [6 of the MANY Benefits]

The sober curious movement is gaining popularity as more people choose to ditch alcohol for better health and wellbeing. From improved sleep patterns and liver function to increased creativity and self-esteem, the benefits of sobriety are numerous. Say goodbye to hangovers and hello to financial freedom, stronger relationships, and greater confidence. Join the movement today and experience the benefits of sober living for yourself!

Feb 6, 2023

Key Limes: The Sour Little Powerhouses That Pack a Punch

If you're tired of the bland and boring, it's time to switch things up with key limes. These tart little wonders may ...
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