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Shenanigan-Free Guarantee

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Nobody can be everything to everybody!

If you find that KEY Sparkling Water isn't for you, no sweat! We have a Shenanigan-Free Guarantee. Holler at us within 30 days of buying directly from our website (sorry, no fancy returns for retail or Amazon folks) and we will issue a full refund up to two (2) 12-pack cases.

Now, if you want to say goodbye to any merch, simply shoot an email to our team with your order details and a little tale about why you're parting ways. We'll get you a prepaid shipping label like magic and we'll swiftly make it rain refunds.

We're always on a quest for improvement, so your feedback is like gold in our treasure chest of awesomeness!

Hit us up at

What makes your sparkling water different from other brands?

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We exist to give you a real choice in the vast sea of sparkling water options. We believe that you should not have to search for words on our can to understand what you are putting in your body and you deserve all day drinkability as a reward for your great choices. Real fruit and the right amount of bubbles all in a can made for hardworking hands.

Is your sparkling water naturally flavored?

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We use real fruit juice from concentrate to flavor our water. No added sugar. No preservatives. Just the greatness the fruit intended. Check out our blog on the health benefits of fruit juice from concentrate here -

Is your sparkling water sweetened?

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No added sugar or sweeteners of any kind - none.

Where can I find KEY?

Open tab or Amazon. If you have a local market that you think we should be available in, tell us at

What is the shelf life of your sparkling water?

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One year from pack date.

Can I mix your sparkling water with other drinks or alcohol?

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Oh hell yes you can...assuming you are over 21, of course.


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