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Apr 22, 2024

Composed Chaos - Mike Pilkington - Entrepreneur Intel - Episode # 17

In the highly competitive beverage industry, differentiating your product is key; a strong story paired with an even stronger omnichannel strategy is a recipe for success. Here to help entrepreneurs refresh their strategy is Co-Founder of Key Sparkling Water, Mike Pilkington! Mike and Wes sit down to crack open the secrets to success in the food and beverage world. Mike shares his lessons learned from Death Wish Coffee, the importance of hiring a HR partner early, and why you need to know your brand’s story. 

Mar 25, 2024

The Power of Shared Values in the Startup Ecosystem

From Chase himself: "Meet the trailblazer behind the freshest face in the sparkling water game, Mike Pilkington. He is the co-founder of KEY Sparkling Water. He’s a graduate of Wayne State University (BA - Psychology) and University of Detroit Mercy (MBA). Going beyond the bubbles, Mike has a history steeped in grit and growth. From supercharging Death Wish Coffee into one of the top coffee brands in the United States to navigating the waters of Sysco's strategic acquisitions and leading Sysco Albany's operations, his leadership and vision have been second to none.  Now, at the helm of KEY, he's here to deliver a gulp of authenticity with the right kick of real fruit all in a can as rugged as your ambition."

Mar 12, 2024


Ever fantasized about crafting the perfect bracket? Our "Phone. Wallet. KEY." Bracket Challenge is here!  Score br...
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