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Ready for a quick kick to the tastebuds? Key Lime is bolder, sweeter, with a balanced bubble count that's all about smooth, all-day drinkability. You're in for a hydration journey that doesn't mess around. Here's to real fruit, relentless flavor, and a can that's as tough as they come. Life's too short for boring beverages.

INGREDIENTS: carbonated water, key lime juice from concentrate 


Key Limes more than just for pie.

Filled with antioxidant power, immune system kickers, good for digestion, weight loss and mood boosting... this fruit isn't just for your grandma's pies.

Tough Can for Hardworking Hands

Sparkling water doesn’t have to be soft. Finally drink from a can that fits in your hand.

Shenanigan-Free Guarantee

If your thirst isn't totally unlocked we'll give you your money back. Questions will be asked, but only so we can improve KEY.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
It’s for real

It’s bizarre how it tastes like a fresh lime was squeezed into the drink. I’m so used to fake flavors. Screw those fake flavors.

James R.
Wow ..great mixer for cocktails

Well I blew it initially and ordered only the blood orange flavor by mistake. My intention was to order some Lime flavor and BO Flavor. Anyway, Mike was kind enough at Key to send me some Lime flavor to try. I would say as low calorie mixer for a tequila drink the lime smokes. As for the blood orange, I would use it with a very small splash of Italian Blood orange soda, some orange liquor, orange bitters, with your favorite vodka and orange wheel section as garnish! Yeah, I wanted to try it for mixer and not as a daily non alcoholic drink. But if you do the Lime flavor alone is the way to go.


Not much flavor

Ashley S.
I need nothing else in this life

Quit drinking last year and this is truly the perfect Mocktail on the go. LOVE the lime flavor with a little salt & a lime slice! So refreshing, so delicious- super excited to try the other flavors. Also OBSESSED WITH THIS PACKAGING!!!!!!! A CAN HAS SERIOUSLY NEVER BEEN MORE COOL!!!!!! Excited to be one of the first in on the secret that is KEY 🔑 . Best new drink in years.

Like stepping on a beach

One sip and felt like I was transported to a beach — refreshing, with the perfect amount of lime. Like drinking Corona without the guilt!

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