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The Hocus Pocus to Putting Sobriety in Focus

The Hocus Pocus to Putting Sobriety in Focus

We're in luck that sober rhymes with October because this month brings us Halloween, a festive occasion, although, often associated with parties and indulging in alcoholic beverages. However, for those participating in Sober October, the idea of sobriety can be challenging. Fear not! Halloween can still be enjoyed without the need for alcohol, as well as be a great distraction from falling off the haunted hay wagon of sobriety.

We have conjured up 3 supernatural fun ways to help you survive this hauntingly delightful endeavor.

Yes this article is about Sober October and dedicated to those brave souls who dare to give up alcohol for an entire month and dance with the devil of sobriety in the pale moonlight.

Turning That Frankenstein Into a FrankenFINE 

Frankenstien's monster is a great example of a fool who should have attempted Sober October. It’s no secret that excessive drinking without taking a break from BOOze can have various negative effects on both your physical and mental health. But Frankenstein's monster and someone who drinks excessively, draw such similarities that it's hard to ignore. 


Both Frankenstein's monster and excessive drinkers inhabit a world of self-inflicted torment, disconnected from societal norms and struggling to find their place. Excessive drinkers, like Frankenstein's monster, find themselves trapped in a cycle of destruction, where their every action becomes dictated by their thirst. 

Think about the transformation that awaits Frankenstein's monster on a Sober October journey. Through abstaining from alcohol, the monster may experience physical rejuvenation, emotional stability, enhanced cognitive abilities, and personal growth. Sober October could be a turning point for the misunderstood creature, offering him the opportunity to redefine his identity and find acceptance in a world that has shunned him. So, let us support Frankenstein's monster as well as yourself as you discover the hidden powers of self-control and sobriety. 

Elixir of Delicious Distraction 

The KEY to staying on the path of sobriety comes from satisfying one's taste buds with delicious carbonated beverages and mocktails. KEY acts as a deterrent to alcohol consumption because it satisfies your thirst in a way that alcohol won't. When you feel hydrated and content, the temptation to reach for an alcoholic beverage diminishes. The bubbles in KEY create a lively, enjoyable drinking experience similar to that of alcohol, making it an excellent substitute for those seeking the sensations associated with drinking. KEY ensures a delightful and refreshing taste that can satiate any desire for an alcoholic beverage. 

Looking for some Spooky AF mocktails? Well take out your finest skull goblet because KEY has some delicious mocktails brewing in our cauldron. 

Wouldst thou like the taste of Key Lime?

Headless Horseman Mocktail

Or maybe Pineapple Passion Fruit is more your style?

Wicked Easy Blackberry Mocktail


KEY has managed to create a drink that’s satisfying enough to replace the experience of alcoholic, it's also a potion……a potion to quench, to rejuvenate and restore, with every sip you'll crave it more more MORE EHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!


Terrifying Children  
In a good way, please stick with me here. Halloween is known for its tradition of horror and mischief. What better way to keep yourself busy than to tap into your creativity and imagination? Bring the spooky spirit to life, frighten the heck out of trick or treaters and hopefully some rude teenagers. Here are some ideas you can use to have the best time creating nightmares…I mean memories.

If you plan on doing anything wild like this, make sure you make it worth it and give out full candy bars and KEY. Don't be a complete psycho about it.

Chainsaw Massacre
The idea of chasing trick or treaters with a chainsaw off your property while wearing a mask may be shocking and disturbing to many, but that's the point.The entire neighborhood will hear you starting up your saw and its roar as chase screaming kids off your lawn!

*Disclosure* it’s important to remember that scaring children should always be done in a safe and age appropriate manner, ensuring that it doesn't cause any lasting harm or distress. Respecting boundaries and considering the feelings of others is crucial in any Halloween fun. So remember to remove the blade from chainsaw.

Voice From Beyond the Grave
You will be far too busy thinking up creative ways to frighten kids and Halloween is a time for children to experience the adrenaline rush and sense of thrill that comes from a good fright. By doing so it gives them an opportunity to be pushed outside of their comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment and makes the holiday memorable for them.



Parents and chaperones undergo physical exertion while accompanying their trick or treaters door to door. Consider handing them a nice cold bubbly KEY to keep them hydrated and energized to stay out longer with their kids.That way they can hit up more houses to accumulate a massive candy haul that you can eat later on. Because children shouldn't be eating all sugar… not a dentist here or anything, but it can't be good for their teeth.

So there you have it, a wickedly delightful guide to surviving Sober October in true spooky style. Embrace this ghostly challenge, armed with mocktails, Halloween-themed distractions, and monstrous activities to keep yourself entertained. While the journey may be frightful and challenging, remember that you're not alone - there are countless souls wandering the same sober path.

The tricks may be many, but with a bit of creativity, you'll possess the power to conquer the fear of a dry month. Remember, the sweet taste of success will be all the more satisfying if you refrain from indulging in that tempting cauldron of nasty spirits. Best of luck, and may you have a hauntingly delightful Sober October and a Happy Sober Halloween!

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