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A Man's Guide to Dating Apps

A Man's Guide to Dating Apps

MEN! If you are like me, you have no idea what to do when you get the lady…let alone how to find her.  Below, you will find a quick reference guide to the dating apps out there and what each is for.  Having found out the hard way, they are all very different!

Tinder: Swipe for Your Life

Those that know get that this one's for…keepin’ it casual and having some “fun”.  First,  a couple pictures of yourself, good ones, (shirt on, please) and a bio that highlights you magnificent sense of humor will get you started. Swiping right, swiping left - make sure you load that algo with your “type”.  Once you have matched, GET IN THE GAME!  Start that conversation and get off this app ASAP!  Boom-shock-a-locka.


Bumble: The Sadie Hawkins of Dating Apps

The ladies are going to have to make the first move here so if you are one of those dudes, this one's for you.  There is a catch…you have 24 hours to respond once you have matched so when in the market, get in this app daily! A good profile picture and a bio both matter so if you are not getting the hits your friends tell you you should be, change up that photo and bulk up that bio. 


Hinge: For the Hopeless Romantic

A quick definition search of the word “Hinge” on Google returns 

- verb

  1. attach or join with or as if with a hinge.
    "the ironing board was set into the wall and hinged at the bottom"

This one is a bit more serious.  They don’t use the word “attach” but yea...  This one is all about creating connections searching for shared interests and values.  Make sure that profile is complete with plenty of photos and the bio lets the ladies know who you are.  Take a bit more time with this one.  Swiping should not be as ferocious as you are looking beyond the visual.  When you match, don’t be afraid to be a little romantic!


OkCupid: The Swiss Army Knife of Dating Apps

This one has it all to insure you find the perfect match.

The comprehensive questionnaire has a variety of search filters to get you dialed in.  Honesty matters here to get you the best match possible.  Comb through those profiles carefully.  Again, if your matches are dry, tweak that profile or perhaps try searching for different types of people. 

Plenty of Fish: “The Relaxed Way to Date” (The picture is ironic)

Here is what they have to say:  “We know online dating isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we’re letting you choose your own adventure and connect with other singles in a way that feels right for you. Whether you’re into spicy dating games, live streaming or sending a good-old-fashioned DM, we’ve got lots of options to make finding your person actually fun.”

Hey man listen, it’s 2023; there are many ways to meet the ladies.  As the kids are saying these days, you could also leave the house and “touch grass.”

Good luck, men.

~Al Keehaul



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